About us our services MANAGE AND MITIGATE YOUR TAX RISKS TaxPrime is an Indonesian Tax Consulting Firm established in 2012 by experienced professionals who have common passion to create value added for selected clients in their business operations. About us our services LET TAXPRIME
Imagine the power of dedicated professionals who strive to attain beyond the expectation by which clients grasp their ambitions, to be excellent at all that we do, to make a positive impact in the society, and to facilitate the success of our people.

Looking for a First-Class Tax Consulting Firm?


We are maintaining our consistency in delivering our commitment, being transparent and honest, and enact the norm and law.


We facilitate our clients with comprehensive and broad knowledge manpower.


Our personnel are optimistic in the midst of obstacle and challenges.


We have comprehensive, committed, responsible, and dedicated, manpower.

Collaboration Beyond Expectation

At TaxPrime, we collaborate, share and assist one to another, make things clear and workable in the most appropriate manner.

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Why TaxPrime

Extensive Experiences

We possess extensive experiences in tax consultancy services towards various industries. Our clients are amongst the reputable companies in the respective industries.

Specialized Team Focusing in Copper Industry

We have a specialized team focusing on the copper industry i.e., miners, smelter and refinery company which allows us to gain the trust from a number of respected companies in the industry.

Our Plus Service

Instead of being merely a “messenger”, our team maps and identifies the issues at the early stage of engagement, crafts the strategic solutions, and prudently reviews the case with the authority.

International Tax Awards

We received a number of international awards, a few are awarded to our advisors

Fastest Growing Firm

Our rapid development is supported by strategy which continuously improves its Human Resources to respond to global challenges and the needs of clients’ dynamic business in various industrial sectors.

The Use of Segregation and Ex-Ante Approach

We are seemingly the only tax consulting firm in Indonesia that consistently provides our clients with TP Doc that consistently complies with the Ministry of Finance Regulation number PMK 213/2016

A Glance of TaxPrime

The story of TaxPrime began in November 2012, when Soewito and Fajar established Persekutuan Perdata Soewito, Fajar and Partners (“PSF”), a partnership focusing on the provision of tax-related services under the brand “TaxPrime”. Starting off with four partners, two officers, and one division in 2012, to becoming 8 partners, 3 senior advisors, and more than 166 employees working under seven technical divisions and occupying spacious office with approximate large of 2.702 square meters, only within seven years of our operation. When one asks, “how we can grow so fast?”, the answer resides in many efforts of where we solve complex problems of our clients and our people who have capabilities and commitment to excellence.

With over eight years of hard work, TaxPrime has been assisting more than 307 Multinational Companies to realise their goals. Our recommendation and advice have been proven effective in managing their tax compliance starting from routine to the most complex reporting such as transfer pricing documentation, mitigating risks exposure in the event of disputes and tax audits, and designing international tax management, supply chain, and business restructurings.


Completed Projects

with applied services.


years of experience

on various industries.


awards winning

on various competitions.


and more clients

of Multinational Companies
both domestic and international.


We provide proper risk management and mitigation plans to our clients, which would be able to minimize the task risks, optimize its financial resources, and furthermore make efficient its cost of funds through utilization of appropriate tax facilities.

You can contact us through email at contact@taxprime.net or customercare@taxprime.net or just simply click contact menu above


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